Beyond 2012 - an integrated Design Story

3D imagery for the Athletes’ Village and Westfield Stratford
A graphic design story

“Our imagery needed to be exact in its representations as well as selling the correct message of the project’s intentions beyond the Games.”

Nigel Hunt,

Tell us about the early design brief

We were commissioned by the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) and Lend Lease to deliver planning and marketing computer-generated images that would enable the ODA and LOCOG to demonstrate how the project would look when completed.

What inspired your design concept?

All the architects, engineers and development teams involved!

What challenges did you face along the way?

We needed to work concurrently with all 15 architects, development teams and other consultants, each on different building plots, to build a complete 3D model of the entire site. The challenge with this was its complexity and having to continually maintain and update the vast amount of data.

A case of déjà vu

  • After working on the digital 3D equivalent for so long it was very strange when someone asked for directions in real life – the team could tell a visitor the way without actually having been there before. It was like déjà vu!

What about specific design challenges?

We were given the responsibility of visualising the designs and lifestyle of the Athletes’ Village for the ODA and LOCOG to use to promote the 2012 Olympics and legacy idea to the general public before and while construction was underway. Our imagery needed to be exact in its representations as well as selling the correct message of the project’s intentions beyond the Games. From a PR perspective, our work was the only material available to use visually.

We employed the best local talent we could find to meet a demanding brief; digital artists who could create immersive imagery that had depth and told a story. The reward came when the ODA used our work to congratulate the design teams on their fantastic work.

How did it feel to be involved in such an important British project?

We were champions from the start. To have played a part in London 2012 has been the proudest moment in our working history and makes us really proud to be Londoners.


Company name
Glowfrog Studios

Imagery for the Athletes’ Village and Westfield Stratford


Project team

Nigel Hunt

Jean Shaw
Head of Visualisation

Nik van Herpt
Head of Visualisation

Tom Johnson
Senior Visualisation Artist

Nathan Juno
Senior Visualisation Artist

Andrew Wigley
Senior Visualisation Artist

Oliver Radford
Senior Visualisation Artist

Ryan Panizzon
Senior Visualisation Artist

Faran Bagg
Digital Retoucher

Angelica Urbanczyk
Digital Retoucher

Tabitha Owen

Mike Thornton

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