Beyond 2012 - an integrated Design Story

BP Showcase Pavillion
A built environment story

“It was an engaging design that demonstrate to the public how they were signing up to ‘Target Neutral’ and offsetting their travel to the Games.”

Manuel Nogueira,
Managing Director

Tell us about the early design brief

The brief called for a sustainable showcase using the least carbon footprint possible. It was an engaging design that needed to embody the capturing of the earth’s resources and demonstrate to the public how they were signing up to ‘Target Neutral’ and offsetting their travel to the Games.

What inspired your design concept?

It was a team collaboration with KBW design involving frequent workshop meetings. Our key focuses were how the external façade could express sustainability and leave the least visual trace, and how the design would engage with the public. The aim was for the public to see themselves as a mass experiencing a moment and be able to record their experience at the Games. The design solution was a structure featuring a mirrored façade that creates a sense of low impact on the environment and invisibility by reflecting the surroundings.

What about specific design challenges?

Because of the limited time on site, finding specialist sub-contractors to deliver in the timescales required was a challenge. To overcome this we made sure the contractors and sub-contractors were part of the design process so everyone understood the time restriction of delivering the building in such a short timescale. We also built as much off site as possible.


Company name
AndArchitects Ltd

The BP Showcase Pavilion in the Olympic Park


Project team

Manuel Nogueira
Managing Director

Rachel Nogueira

Charlotte Gallie
Project Architect

In collaboration with:

KBW designs

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