Beyond 2012 - an integrated Design Story

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The digital design story

In today’s digital world, there was no better way to realise the ambition of making London 2012 “for everyone, everywhere” than through the work of specialist digital and animation teams. Their work brought London 2012 into the homes of people across the globe through video, animation and websites.

From the films and animations introducing the Olympics and Paralympics by Brickwall to the design of the pre-Games mobile-optimised website by Phage, the digital design projects made an impact with people of every age, in every corner of the world.

The work produced is a brilliant example of creative and technological minds pooling together to produce ground-breaking digital design – against often improbable odds. For Brickwall, a major task lay in grappling with outdated film formats and limited footage from previous Games. Video agency Bruzier were charged with conveying the excitement in the Olympic Park in a web video lasting just two minutes, while Fifty Nine Productions took on a project at a scale like none before with their work on the Opening Ceremony. Together, their experiences of the London 2012 Games show how design and technology can help to overcome barriers and unearth innovative solutions.

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