Beyond 2012 - an integrated Design Story

Olympic Delivery Authority ‘En Route’ transport handbook
A graphic design story

“We couldn’t help but ask the Games Makers to show us their copy of our handbook when we visited the Games!”

Rachel Cook,
Account Manager

Tell us about the early design brief

The organisers of London 2012 wanted the Games to be memorable for all the right reasons and the logistics of so many visitors moving around our capital and country was not something that the Olympic Delivery Authority took lightly.

They asked us to create a tool to help staff to assist spectators to get to and from venues quickly and safely during the Games. It was to be a handbook used on the streets, so needed to be handy as well as look good, as potentially millions would see it in use. Durability was also important – the handbook needed to stand up to a few weeks of heavy use in the British weather. We also needed to think about a digital solution for office-based staff and iPad/tablet users.

What would you highlight as the best features or lasting benefits of your design work?

The Games were a real achievement for British Transport staff. The transport system across the country ran very smoothly and with minimal disruption, and we’re proud to know that our handbook contributed to that. As a very practical handbook it looked pretty good too, making the most of the newly developed Games Time look and feel.

What are you most proud of regarding your work for London 2012?

Although the handbook wasn’t the most creative opportunity we had across the London 2012 projects, it was a really large-scale project, with nearly 100,000 of them in circulation across the country. It was carried by nearly all Games Makers on the streets across London when the Games were on, as well as by staff such as ticket offices, cabbies and visitor information points. It was their go-to source of information so we couldn’t help but ask the Games Makers to show us their copy when we visited the Games!


Company name
Thompson Brand Partners

Olympic Delivery Authority transport handbook ‘En Route’


Project team

Rachel Cook
Account Manager

Guy Raimes

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