Beyond 2012 - an integrated Design Story

Olympic Stadium
A built environment story

“We were inspired by the valleys and undulating meadows of middle England.”

John Hyland,

Tell us about the early design brief

The brief was to provide a distinctive setting for the Olympic Stadium through the landscape and public realm which responded to the demands of use and people movement.

What inspired your design concept?

We were inspired by the valleys and undulating meadows of middle England.

How did it feel to be involved in such a large and important British project?

We felt very privileged to be a part of such a momentous project.

What challenges did you face along the way?

A few of the challenges faced were: contamination, levels and level access for visitors, crowd movement, complex circulation, maintenance, games organizers and the emergency services.

What about specific design challenges?

In 2007/8 we analysed the submission master plan, the fundamental access and the flood levels to establish how to best create the venue levels for the field of play in the stadium and the public concourse. This work set the baseline for all to follow and fundamentally how the overall site looks today.


Company name
Hyland Edgar Driver

Olympic Stadium


Project team

John Hyland
Director – Principle landscape architect

Arthur Gelling
Associate – Senior Landscape architect

Dafydd Coe
Site Based, Landscape architect

Joanna Waterfield

Jon Hawes

Roshan Kushe

David Bailey

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