Beyond 2012 - an integrated Design Story

From petals to podia
The product design story

From the Olympic Torch, which toured the UK ahead of the Games, to the medals presented to athletes, London 2012’s brand and vision extended far beyond its iconic logo, inspiring the work of product designers too.

The challenge for all designers was not only to deliver an innovative approach and design for their particular product, but also to reflect the London 2012 branding and vision for a sustainable Games.

Each design tells a story, whether it be the origin of the 204 copper petals in Heatherwick Studio’s Olympic Cauldron or the narrative imbued in Lin Cheung’s Paralympics medal. And behind their apparent simplicity lies a myriad of technical challenges that were faced and overcome. This is perhaps best revealed in the collaborative work of Paul Raindle and Barber Osgerby in the design of the all-weather Olympic Torch.

The individual stories of the product designers reveal how each project was brought to life. They show that – just like the athletes in training for the race of their life – each designer faced their own Olympic journey to London 2012.

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